'Umami - The World' DVD Offer Returns!

December 2006

  • Due to unexpectedly high demand, we are giving subscribers another opportunity to obtain a copy of our 'Umami - The World' DVD, which offers a comprehensive overview of umami and its role in contemporary cuisine, as well as an extensive reference section, with information on umami rich foods. Again, the offer is available o n a first come first served basis, with 100 copies up for grabs, so click on the link below straight away to get your copy!

    The 'Umami - The World' DVD contains both English and Japanese commentaries, and includes features on

    What is umami - origins, history, science
    International acceptance of umami among scientists
    Umami wins recognition among chefs
    The role of umami in modern cooking and lifestyle
    A masterclass in molecular gastronomy
    Whether you are a seasoned umami expert, or just want to find out a bit more about the taste that everyone's talking about, you are sure to enjoy this DVD.