UIC English Website Expanded and Improved

July 2008

  • To coincide with the centenary anniversary this year of umami's discovery by Professor Kikunae Ikeda, we are pleased to announce that the Umami Information Center (UIC) English Website will be undergoing an exciting makeover, with plenty of new content added.

    A new seasonally-updated contents page, entitled Expert View, will feature experts from around the world sharing their thoughts on the global phenomenal of umami, as well as an introduction to and recipe for their own original umami-rich recipes. Featured in the first installment will be Heston Blumenthal, the most respected British chef of his generation, discussing his thoughts about umami and his astonishing culinary creation, Sound of the Sea. Further to this, you will also be able to read past Expert View articles hitherto only featured on the Japanese website, featuring five top Japanese chefs from internationally acclaimed restaurants in Japan and across the world, sharing their secrets for unleashing umami to the best effect in their culinary repertoires.

    The site's ever popular recipe page will now include a handy search function, so you can find exactly what you are looking for, or browse to find something a bit different to try. The umami-rich recipes from the Expert View section will also be added to this page. Pages looking in detail at topics such as what exactly umami is, the science of umami and the various kinds of umami-rich food from around the world will also be added to the site, with the contents adapted and enriched for English readers, particularly those from culinary and food science professions.

    We sincerely hope that these changes will make the UIC website easier and more pleasurable for you to use, helping and inspiring you to further enhance your knowledge of umami and how to incorporate it in your recipes. Please make sure to check out the new changes at the nearest opportunity, and let us know of any comments or feedback.