FILIPINO- UMAMI world recipe Vol. 4 and Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and UMAMI: updated version out now!

November 2008

  • FILIPINO- UMAMI worldFILIPINO- UMAMI world recipe Vol. 4

    The fourth publication in the UMAMI world recipe series created in London has now been released. The first book in the series was packed with traditional, umami-rich dishes from Japan, the second volume introduced an exotic collection of flavours and textures from Thai cuisine, whilst the third installment focused on the delights of Vietnamese cooking, which uses a variety of ingredients to produce refined, delicate flavours. Following on from these successful publications, we are now delighted to be able to present our fourth book, which concentrates on the food of the Philippines.

    All of the featured recipes were put together under the expert eye of culinary consultant Nancy Reyes-Lumen, an expert in Filipino food and drink who gave a keynote speech at the Umami Symposium held in Manila, the Philippines, in January 2008. There are 17 delicious dishes in total, all bursting with the umami taste.

    The Philippines has long had an understanding of the concept of umami, even having their own term - "malinamnam" - for a taste very similar to that which has now been identified as umami. Filipino cuisine uses a variety of ingredients rich in the umami taste, such as the sauce patis, and the paste bagoong, both made by fermenting prawns and small fish. Sofrito, introduced during the period of Spanish colonization, is a well-cooked sauce containing garlic, tomatoes, and shallots, is used as the base for many dishes, and is an excellent umami enhancer.

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    Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and UMAMI: Updated version out now

    Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and UMAMI The Umami Information Center's essential publication on all things umami has now been updated to include the findings of latest scientific research on how this fifth taste is perceived.

    Originally published in 1985, this information-packed booklet guides the reader through everything he or she might need to know about umami: who discovered it, what constitutes it, and why it is so important to so many food cultures worldwide. Straightforward language and an easy-to-read format make this an indispensable account for everyone and anyone interested in umami.

    The many scientific advances that have been made since the original publication mean that now, much more is known about how humans perceive umami. Most interesting is the breakthrough discovery that there are receptors in the stomach that specifically perceive glutamate - one of the core components of umami. It is now thought that when the presence of glutamate is detected by these receptors, this information is relayed via the vagus nerve to the brain, which in turn orders the stomach to prepare for the digestion of food. This exciting discovery has interesting implications for the further study of umami, its role in our diets, and the relationship between nutritional physiology and food intake in general.

    What is certain is that, worldwide, there is increasing interest in umami and how it functions as part of our daily diet. Whatever you want to know about umami, you will find it here in this up-to-date and useful publication.

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