Aperitif a la Francaise 2009 in Tokyo

June 2009

Chef Mikuni at his booth

  • For the purpose of promoting French products and food culture, Sopexa organizes the annual world-wide event called "aperitif a la francaise" every first Thursday in June. In Tokyo, the sixth event was held at Roppongi-Hills on June 4, 2009.

    The aperitif is French style of relaxing moment enjoying wines, spirits, cocktails or soft drinks with small portion of delicacies, amuse-bouches, while socializing with friends. The artistic aperitifs prepared by seventeen celebrated chefs fascinated over four thousand visitors at the event.

    Chef Kiyomi Mikuni of Hotel De Mikuni himself demonstrated five amuse-bouches featuring umami. Thanks to his generosity, the Umami Information Center had an opportunity to hand out umami brochures with his menu leaflets on this occasion. His amuse bouches were comprised of Foie Gras Parfait with salty kombu topping, French Tomato Pizza with red and yellow tomato toppings, Jellied Guinea Fowl and Vegetables, Meat Loaf Japonaise with dried bonito flake topping, and Umami Jelly and Couscous in a Cup. The guests lined up around the block and all items were sold out in no time.

    It was impressive, if not surprising, to find that not only Western umami ingredients such as tomatoes and cheese but also Japanese umami ingredients such as salted kombu and dried bonitos match very well with wine and French guests very much appreciated these combinations.

  • Chef Mikuni at his booth

    Umami aperitifs by chef Mikuni

    Menu leaf for handouts

  • Umami aperitifs by chef Mikuni

    Menu leaf for handouts