Umami in "PUUR JAPAN"

February 2010

  • On the occasion of the World Summit of Gastronomy ' Tokyo Taste ' ( Sekai Ryori Summit ) and because of a surging interest in Japanese food a culinary tour was organized for a select group of Michelin starred Dutch chefs and their food suppliers in February 2009 . The tour provided an opportunity to study the latest cooking techniques with the world's most famous chefs and learn about Japanese cuisine through a number of workshops , demonstrations and a variety of dining experiences for a taste of authentic cuisine . At the end of 2009 the book 'Puur Japan' , a collection of interviews with the chefs about their experiences and a collection of recipes inspired by the trip to Japan and submitted by each participating chef , was published .

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    It turns out that for most chefs one of the highlights of the visit was a workshop about Umami organized in cooperation with the Umami Information Center at the Tsukiji Tamura restaurant . In the article about Umami we can read about the basic taste of human beings and the explanation about the fifth taste called umami discovered by Professor Kikunae Ikeda . For most chefs it was a first encounter with umami and everybody was very interested to learn how to make ichiban and niban dashi . Some chefs have incorporated the use of dashi into their own cooking after their return to the Netherlands . Mr. Moshik Roth of 't Brouwerskolkje restaurant mentions the intense taste of food with dashi and Mr. Jannis Brevet of Inter Scaldes restaurant uses dashi in sauces ' .

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