AREA_NAME Kinki Area PREF_NAME Kyoto RECIPE_NAME Kamo nasu no agebitashi RECIPE_HEAD

One of the local dishes of Kyoto is deep-fried Kamo nasu eggplant soaked in seasoned soup stock called Kamo nasu no agebitashi. Ageru means to fry and hitasu means to soak. Kyoto has a rich history of local vegetables called Kyo yasai (Kyoto vegetables). Kamo nasu is an eggplant from the Kamo district of Kyoto. The name comes from the chief production districts of Kamigamo and Nishigamo. Kamo eggplant, often called the queen of eggplants, is large, characteristically round, and the flesh is meaty.

Kamo eggplant is particularly delicious when cooked in oil. This dish is a staple in many Kyoto homes. The large round eggplant is sliced and cooked in a generous amount of oil giving it a unique texture. It is then soaked in a dashi broth. When it is eaten umami fills the mouth and it is a moment of happiness.