AREA_NAME Kyushu /Okinawa Area PREF_NAME Miyazaki RECIPE_NAME Hiyajiru RECIPE_HEAD

The cold soup hiyajiru, is a local dish in Miyazaki, notable for its hot summers. The dish can be quickly assembled by busy farmers and fishermen. Roasted sesame seeds are ground in a mortar with miso to which dashi is added. The chilled dashi is often made with iriko – small dried anchovies and sardines.

Throughout Japan there are similar versions of hiyajiru but Miyazaki is famous for including tofu. Hiyajiru is soul food for people of Miyazaki. Enjoying a cold soup in the heat of summer is a special treat. One of the tips to make cold soup more delicious is that it is to make it rich in umami. The tofu, a rich source of protein, becomes delicious from the umami-rich soup.