AREA_NAME Kyushu /Okinawa Area PREF_NAME Oita RECIPE_NAME Buri no atsumeshi ― Ryukyu RECIPE_HEAD

Buri no atsumeshi is literally yellowtail on steaming rice. Buri yellowtail sashimi is marinated in soy sauce, sake, sugar, and vinegar. The seasoned sashimi is placed over hot rice in a large bowl called donburi and garnished with green onions, nori, and sesame seeds. Hot tea or dashi is poured over the fish and rice.

Buri no atsumeshi is from the southern part of Oita in areas like Kamaecho and Saiki city. Farmed yellowtail is a flourishing industry in Saiki. Originally it was a quick meal for fishermen while they worked. In other parts of Japan the dish is made with aji (horse mackerel), saba mackerel, and other fish. The preparation came from the fishermen of Ryukyu and the dish is also called Ryukyu. The texture of super fresh yellowtail with an umami-rich marinade over the hot rice is an excellent combination. The rich flavor of umami makes this dish irresistible.