AREA_NAME Cyugoku /Shikoku Area PREF_NAME Tokushima RECIPE_NAME Sobamai zousui RECIPE_HEAD

Sobamai is soba buckwheat that has been boiled, dried, and the skin removed. Sobamai is cooked in dashi to make zousui porridge. Eating buckwheat groats is unique to Tokushima where it is sold freeze-dried.

It’s been said that the dish started when defeated soldiers who lost during the Genpei war (1180-1185) escaped to the Iya Valley and this dish was cooked for the new year. The region is not suitable to rice cultivation. Soba is a grain that grows quickly and can be consumed many ways including zousui porridge, noodles, and other preparations. Soba, a super food, is a rich source of protein that contains amino acids. Sobamai zousui and soba noodles are made delicious by umami in dashi.