Smart Recipes with Umami

Sauted tinned scallop, cucumber and egg


Well regarded as an authority on Chinese cuisine in Japan, Chef Wakiya showed us his home cooking recipe. The Umami from the scallop and stock go well with the refreshing flavour of cucumber.

⠀2 small or 1 large cucumber ⠀
50g tinned scallop meat (fresh scallop meat can be used instead)⠀
1 tbsp vegetable oil⠀
100ml Chinese soup stock (use stock cube or granule)⠀
Salt and pepper to taste⠀
1 tsp starch water (mix potato or corn starch with same amount of water)⠀
1 egg white, whisked⠀


1. Peel the cucumber and cut into batons. ⠀
2. Par-boil the cucumber batons to remove the grassy smell. ⠀
3. Use a fork to tear the tinned scallop meat into fine threads. Heat the oil in a frying pan and stir fry the scallop. If using a raw scallop, cook until the meat is firm then tear into threads using two forks. ⠀
4. Add stock and season with salt and pepper.⠀
5. When the stock is bubbling, add cucumber and starch water.⠀
6. Turn off the heat then swirl in the egg white. ⠀
You can use any gourd-group vegetables like courgette instead of cucumber.