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Red Cabbage & Apple Soup

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Cabbage soup is not boring, if you make it the right way. Winter cabbage is sweeter than spring cabbage, and braising before stewing makes it flavourful. The depth of Umami flavour is enhanced further by sun-dried tomato paste. ⠀

Check out the ingredients below and see the full recipe on our website and YouTube channel - link in bio


1/2 red cabbage*⠀
1 medium red onion*⠀
1 green apple⠀
150g any type of sausage* we used Frankfurter; vegetarians can use veggie sausage⠀
2 tbsp butter⠀
2 pints vegetable stock*⠀
1 tsp allspice⠀
2 tsp honey⠀
2 tbsp sun-dried tomato paste*⠀
2 tsp cider vinegar⠀
Salt and pepper⠀
Crme Frache⠀
(ingredients with * contain Umami)⠀