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Radish Cake

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This savoury cake is often called “turnip cake” and is made with Chinese turnip, a large white radish (also know as daikon or mooli). Our version uses the ordinary salad radish.⠀

Traditionally, various dried ingredients are used in this cake, such as shrimp, mushroom, or hard-dried sausage.⠀

Dried ingredients provide more Umami than raw ingredients. This is because the drying process increases and concentrates the amount of Umami elements.⠀


200g salad radish*⠀
50g rice flour⠀
50g corn starch⠀
3 stalks spring onion*⠀
1 tbsp dried shrimp*⠀
1 dried shiitake mushroom*⠀
1 tsp nutritional yeast*⠀
1/2 tsp salt⠀
roasted sesame oil for frying⠀
red chilli (optional)