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Boiled Egg and Marmite Soldiers with Tomato Skin Flakes

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A quick and easy, umami loaded breakfast!⠀

Ingredients (For 1 person)⠀

Marmite or other yeast extract⠀
Celery salt⠀
Tomato skin


- Sprinkle the tomato skin with celery salt and dry in 100c oven for 30 min or so. ⠀
- Crumble with your hand to make flakes.⠀
- Soft-boil the egg.⠀
- Smear Marmite on the toast and cut it into long, thin 'soldiers'.⠀

How to make dried tomato skin flakes⠀

- Peel the tomato skin by dipping the tomato into a pan of boiling water for 10 seconds. Do not cook it.⠀
- Cool down the tomato immediately under cold running water. The skin should peel off easily.⠀
- Leave the tomato skins on a clean tea towel until completely dry.⠀
- Sprinkle the tomato skins with celery salt and dry them in 100c oven for 30 min or so. ⠀
- Crumble them in your hands to make flakes.⠀