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Umami lecture for Miso producers in Nagano Japan

March 2011

The region located in the central part of Japan is called Shinshu. It is famous for a rich nature and delicious local ingredients such as miso, fermented soybean paste. The Shinshu -Miso Institute from this region organized a workshop for local miso producers in Nagano city March 8th 2011. This institute, which is composed of 106 member companies, has coordinated for the past 50 years various workshops to share information about miso.

While being listed as one of foremost Japanese ingredients, miso is a product of great interest for the UIC for its high umami content. The lecture by Kumiko Ninomiya -- director of the UIC -- under the title of "100th anniversary of discovery of umami ~ Umami goes global~ ", covered from basic information on umami to recent umami boom over the world.

Dr. Ninomiya explained as part of the latest culinary topics that miso attraceted foreign chefs' curiosity because of its particular characteristics. For instance, the famous Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa has used dried miso on a popular recipe that became noted over the world. Mr. Harayama from the researcher of the Shinshu- Miso Institute expressed his hope to promote miso not only in the domestic market but also overseas. The association between miso and umami might be a good start for both, miso and umami.