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New Publications: UMAMI Leaflet

April 2015

New UMAMI leaflet offers a comprehensive and updated knowledge on the fifth basic taste, umami with informative figures and beautiful pictures. On this occasion, we revised umami world map which covers a number of umami rich foods around the world. Also in the section of experiencing umami for yourself, you will find a simple method for tasting umami. Newly added section of three properties of umami and its application and FAQs will help your further understanding of the fifth taste. Please check the contents on Publications.

Umami: critical to delicious cooking
The basic tastes and common corresponding foods/components
Umami and babies
Umami and our bodies
The discovery of umami
What umami tastes like: three prroperties
Where can we find umami?
Umami and aging/fermentation
Traditional foods around the world and umami
Umami Q & A
Umami synergy
Comparing soups the world over
The growing use of umami
Chefs and researchers give their views on umami
Chefs the world over use umami
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