Umami Information Center


Umami Lecture 2017 Niigata Cuisine WorkshopーYUKIHIRA noKAI

December 2017

  • Date :November 15th, 2017
  • Venue :Hotel Nikko Niigata
  • Organizers :Yukihira no kai , Umami Information Center
  • Participants:chefs, faculties and students of a culinary school, researcher of cookery science, total 80

Umami Lecture 2017 Niigata Cuisine WorkshopーYUKIHIRA no KAI was held at Hotel Nikko Niigata on November 15th. Dr. Ninomiya, director of the Umami Information Center, delivered basic umami information with tasting of dried tomato, kombu dashi, katsuo dashi, vegetable soups, cheese and turnip of 3 kinds of taste (cooked in water, ichiban dashi and bouillon). Dr. Hiroya Kawasaki of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. introduced techniques which transform basic recipes into new cuisines using the science of umami with a focus on factors related to composing cuisines. Mr. Shigeru Kagitomi, vice president of Niigata technical cooking school, and chef Kenichi Horikoshi, head chef of Hotel Nikko Niigata, presented new Noppe dish versions based on "Noppe" Niigata traditional cuisine. Participants learned and enjoyed Umami.