Umami Information Center


The 22nd Shizuoka Forum on Health and Longevity, Umami Luncheon Seminar

December 2017

Shizuoka Forum on Health and Longevity was set up to promote academic research on health and longevity in Shizuoka prefecture to make progress in human resources and to announce the latest scientific study results about the construction of "the health longevity society," which is a big social problem and to return the results to the citizens of the prefecture. The forum has been held since 1995. This year, the Umami Information Center organized an umami lecture as a lunch seminar.

Starting with umami tasting of dried tomato, Kumiko Ninomiya, a director of the Umami Information Center, explained umami basic information, the latest health effects of umami and the fact that umami is attracting attention all over the world. The umami health effect implies salt reduction and promoting saliva. After the lecture, we got a lot of positive comments such as, "it was good to know the fact that umami promotes saliva" and "I would like to make an effort to use umami in my food education." The lecture ended in a good mood.