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The e-Book "Umami e Glutamato" is now available for free

October 2021

The second edition of the book "Umami and Glutamate - Chemical, Biological and Technological Aspects" (edited by Felix Guillermo Reyes, in Portuguese), originally published in 2011, is now available in Portuguese and Spanish as a free e-Book with open access.

Many outstanding researchers contributed to this book on umami. It consists of 20 chapters including “Nutritional Roles of Glutamate”, “Glutamate in Breast Milk and Its Role in Infant's Intestine Development” and “Physiological Aspects of Glutamate Related to Obesity”, etc.
Chapter 16 - "Umami in the Culinary World," was co-authored by Dr. Kumiko Ninomiya, the Umami Information Center (UIC) consultant, and Dr. Ana San Gabriel, a UIC member.

Umami is more subtle than other basic tastes, therefore it may be difficult for Westerners to really sense umami.

However, even before the scientific recognition of umami as a basic taste, it is interesting to note that glutamate-rich foods and ingredients has been used in culinary world for centuries. 

Chapter 16 "Umami in the Culinary World," shows what umami is and how our bodies perceive it. It also introduces the culinary world of all time from the scientists’ point of view, including garum - the ancient Roman fish sauce, Osmazome – a meaty taste described by Brillat-Savarin, lawyer, politician and author of celebrated work on gastronomy ‘The physiology o Taste’ in 19th century, and the cutting-edge technique of using umami by contemporary chefs in Northern Europe and South America.

The e-book has been republished in Portuguese and Spanish.

This open access e-Book is available in Portuguese and Spanish.